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Lines & Calls

Provide your customers with reliable, cost-effective phone lines whilst generating revenue for you.

Business Phone Line Solutions

Whether you’re looking at becoming a SIP reseller or a general phone line reseller, we’ve got the solutions for you and your customers.

No matter what size of business your customers operate, we have the right lines and calls service packages to ensure you’re their chosen SIP trunk reseller or phone line reseller.

It may be that they need an ISDN line, offering crystal clear calls as well as access to the internet, or perhaps it’s a standard business landline solution where our cost-effective broadband lines and calls deals could be the perfect answer.

Our SIP Trunking product can help you become a first-class SIP reseller helping your customers embark on their journey into the cloud, while our Inbound Numbers service provides your customers with a virtual number with routing options.

What’s more, our Daisy Fraud Guardian and Select Services add-ons complement our scalable packages perfectly. Whatever solution your customers need, our products can ensure you become a phone line reseller who can thrive, succeed and grow.


  • Free installs on 36 month contracts
  • Free transfers on 36 month contracts
  • High performance
  • Disaster recovery available
  • 24/7/365 UK-based support & service

Daisy Lines & Calls Services

Why Daisy for Lines & Calls

Select Services

Select Services are value-adding call features which can enhance your customers’ lines and calls hardware.

From call diverts, call waiting, call barring, call minder and more, we’ve got a range of enhancements which have been designed to give you the solutions you need to be the best phone line reseller for your customers.

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ISDN Lines

ISDN (Integrated Services for Digital Network) is an ideal solution if your customers are looking for a voice service tailored specifically to their business needs. As well as allowing voice calls and internet access, our ISDN packages also provide scalability and flexibility in an ever-changing business world.

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Fraud Guardian

Our Daisy Fraud Guardian service monitors, alerts and protects your customers’ business from telephone hoaxes and fraud.

Our staff use high-tech call protect systems to monitor call traffic and look out for high-value calls or extensive call volumes. They’re also alerted to blacklisted numbers and destinations and will alert your customers as soon as suspicious activity is committed, helping to stop telephone fraud before it starts.

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Inbound Numbers

With inbound numbers, there’s no such thing as geographic restrictions. What’s more, your customers can choose a memorable number to maximise the return on their advertising and marketing campaigns.

We can ensure calls are re-routered when the line is engaged or in an emergency. Customers can also divert calls to landlines or mobiles should they choose to, giving them the flexibility they need.

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SIP Trunking

As a SIP reseller, you’ll be offering your customers a flexible, low-cost alternative to ISDN.

Becoming a SIP trunk reseller will allow your customers to experience the benefits of a hosted solution, without removing their existing legacy telephone equipment.

SIP optimises their data connection so that they have just one line for both voice services and the internet.

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"Being a relatively new partner to Daisy Comms (<18 Mths), we’ve found the team, specifically Trevor and Laura, to be incredibly patient and supportive, nothing is too much to ask and if they’re not sure of anything personally, they will go above and beyond to find out. "
Pure Nexus
Paul Welham
"They offer all the up to date business broadband solutions, competitively priced, professionally delivered and with good partner financials."
Independent Telephony Solutions
Michael Lurie
"I have just started to work with Daisy in my role as a consultant and a phone systems reseller of their services. I am impressed with their sense of urgency, knowledge, and the support offered. As a Unified Comms provider, this is something that resonates with me as being a very customer-focused business these are qualities vital to us in order to support my clients. It's refreshing to meet people with that "Can Do" attitude - Nice to be working with you."
Cloud Solutions for Business Ltd
Marvin Henson

SIP Trunking (Session Initiation Protocol) is a flexible, low-cost alternative to ISDN. Using SIP allows your customers to experience the benefits of a hosted solution, without removing their existing legacy telephone equipment.

Inbound Numbers give your customer a non-geographic number, routing their customers to the right place, every time.

It allows voice calls and internet access and, provides scalability and flexibility in an ever-changing business world.

With our Select Services, you can offer your customers an enhanced line and calls service with features such as call barring, call divert, call waiting, call minder and more.

Our dedicated, advanced call protect service ensures your customers stay safe and secure from telephone fraud.

Yes. We take away the need for upfront capital investment in expensive billing platforms and staff. We manage all the customer touchpoints for you and with our Daisy billing, collection and customer service

Yes, we have a dedicated customer service department for partner customers who are billed through Daisy.

We don’t restrict our partners around connector codes or minimum performance targets, giving you an unlimited revenue stream.

Your customer has access to our online account management platform – Daisy MyAccount – which makes it easy for your customers to manage their account by giving them the information needed, when and how you want it.

You can offer your customers any service from our portfolio.

Yes we have a set of bundles packages which start at just a single line, right up to a fibre and call packages.

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The steps in becoming a Daisy Partner

You’re thinking of becoming a Partner but would like to know more about how it works. Well here's how it goes...

Register your interest in becoming a Daisy Partner

One of our expert team will give you a call for an initial chat to explain how becoming a Daisy Partner can benefit your business

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You'll be signed up as a Daisy Partner and receive exclusive access to our Daisy Partner Portal

We'll provide you with the support you need, any training you might require and the marketing collateral you want to make our partnership a success