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CityFibre at Partner Business Live

We recently hosted Partner Business Live, a conference to help our partners do more, sell more and earn more. Our vendor partners were there to showcase their solutions and demonstrate the opportunities available now and in the coming months. In their breakout session, CityFibre shared its ambitions of building a world-class digital infrastructure platform for the UK and what this will mean for businesses.

CityFibre was founded in 2011 to give the UK a full fibre roadmap while disrupting the traditional providers, changing the landscape from two major players to provide the channel with another option.

Unsurprisingly, covid has accelerated the importance of unified communications and remote working capabilities. Global broadband and smartphone data use rapidly increased. Zoom had over 300 million daily participants in April 2020, up from 10 million in December 2019. It was a shock to the companies underinvested in connectivity and IT, and many are still catching up. Now that employees are getting back to the office, whether full-time or on a hybrid schedule, there’s still a huge spike in bandwidth demand for homes and workplaces as most of us are still making regular video calls and using cloud-based services wherever we are.

In March, CityFibre named its 285 locations targeted for full fibre coverage. This means their network will reach 8 million premises, 800,000 of which are businesses. Its growing footprint means a growing base of potential customers and through Daisy Partner Business, you’ll be able to deliver them reliable products and services.

So what is a world-class digital infrastructure platform capable of? As City Fibre’s brand new network is independent and unhindered by legacy technology, customers get better support, there’s fewer faults and no copper in sight. It delivers low latency, is fully 5G ready, offers symmetrical gigabit speeds and much more. And as CityFibre is building its own network, they’re able to offer greater stability on pricing even in the long-term.

Currently, Daisy offers CityFibre’s Fibre Ethernet products. The Fibre Flex service provides business customers with the bandwidth they need, when they need it. It offers an assured 200Mbps service which can burst up to 1Gbps with no additional charges incurred for using extra bandwidth. Through Daisy, it can also be provided for a better price than market leading 100Mbps with 10x the bandwidth. You can also offer your customers On-net Ethernet with 100Mbps to 1Gbps speed options.

CityFibre also shared the exciting news they will soon be fulfilling Business FTTP. This will bring greater bandwidth to businesses who aren’t yet ready for or can’t commit to the expense of a leased line. It’s a resilient, future-proof solution that presents a huge market opportunity. There’s a significant portion of businesses still on outdated copper-based ADSL/FTTC who will need to upgrade to a future-proof solution before the copper lines are shut down. There will also be opportunities where businesses who are overserved by Ethernet will be looking to downgrade to FTTP.

If you’re interested in offering your customers Full Fibre connectivity, you can find out whether they’re in an enabled area through our full fibre checker here.