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Daisy Anywhere – How Are Businesses Using It?

Daisy Anywhere is Daisy Partner Business’ latest mobile product but how can it help your customers be more productive, efficient and effective?

Daisy Anywhere uses cellular data to connect up devices within a business, using SIM cards to connect rather than hardwired connectivity. Cellular data is more commonly known as mobile data but, with Daisy Anywhere you’ll get unsteered, multi-network accessibility with availability on more than 650 networks across the 180 countries to ensure your customers don’t experience downtime, wherever in the world they are.

Usually, we’d use mobile data for browsing emails, updating our social media, online shopping or downloading music or a movie. In our professional lives, we might use mobile data to transfer large files, host video conferences or update the company website.

However, some businesses across the globe have been using cellular data technology, exactly like that of Daisy Anywhere, to streamline their business processes.

Construction company Speedy use cellular data across it’s 400 sites to give employees data aggregation. It has created a shared data pool of 8TB for its employees to use as and when they need it, slashing costs on individual plans and taking away the risk of overcharging.

Clintons use cellular data in its stores across the country as a backup service. Cellular data ensures that, should anything happen with its main connectivity supply, the 4G data can kick in so its card payments can still be taken, stock management levels can still be monitored and till systems remain online until the main connectivity begins working again.

Birmingham City Council have used cellular data in an innovative yet exciting way in 4,000 bicycles and 50 sensors across the city. Cellular data within the bikes gave the City Council real-time location based data and allowed it to monitor air quality, traffic congestion and road safety levels across different areas within Birmingham. As a result, it gave the Council research it needed to promote healthier lifestyles, launch environment initiatives and work on creating a safer, less congested city for all its residents.

If you’re interested in seeing how Daisy Anywhere could help your customers, fill out one of our forms or contact us today on 03301 739 146. For more examples of companies making the most of cellular data, read our infographics below.

Cellular data case studiesCellular data case studies
Cellular data case studies