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Partner Business Live 2021 Round-up

In October 2021, Daisy Partner Business hosted Partner Business Live and over 50 partners and potential partners descended on Birmingham for a day as we discussed the present, and future, of the channel. In the evening, we had a long overdue catch-up over dinner and drinks and talked about the past year in business and the challenges we’ve all faced.

Gamma, Pangea and CityFibre were partners of the event and also hosted their own breakout sessions throughout the day, sharing the exciting products, services and initiatives they’re bringing to channel in the coming months.

Firstly though, I wanted to share my keynote speech which I made to introduce the event and welcome our guests to Partner Business Live but the details of which are relevant across the channel and telecoms as a whole.

Daisy Partner Business is part of Daisy Communications and, although that might seem obvious, we’re actually a separate entity in terms of the autonomy we have, who we operate with in terms of vendors and the products we take to market.

We’re also a separate team. Although we’re a relatively small team at the moment, we’re growing. We’re also supported by the 450 strong workforce that Daisy Communications have; giving you confidence to go to market and the confidence that we’ve got that support and that infrastructure behind us that we can pass on to both you and your customers.

I’m not sure how many people know the story of Daisy. I know there’s a myth that it was started in Matt Riley’s garage 20 years ago. Although the garage part isn’t quite true, it was started by a couple of people who had an ambition to grow a telecoms business that would rival the big players out there and disrupt the market. And, over the last 20 years that’s exactly what we’ve set out to do and we’ve got to a point as Daisy where we feel we’re the largest independent provider of telecoms services in the UK.

In 2019, we separated as Daisy Group. Part of the reason for the separation was because we had too many strings to our bow and, essentially, we were trying to do too much. So we separated out our business and separated corporate, separated out wholesale and we focused purely on Daisy Communications and what we feel we do best as that entity which is supporting the SME market both directly and through our channel partners.

We work with partners of all sizes including single user businesses, larger business, non-telco business who operate in other industries, call centres and face-to-face selling organisations. As a partner we have to make sure we have the capability to deal with each of those segments and that we have outstanding customer service and support to handle each and every one of them. When we first looked at Daisy Partner Business as a single entity, the customer services was contained within Daisy Communications but that was wrong; there’s a unique set of requirements needed to support customers that are served to us via a channel partner so we set up our own customer services function so that our customer services team are solely dedicated to working with you and your customers.

In January 2020, we launched Daisy Partner Business as its own entity with its own branding, website and collateral. However, three months later, lockdown hit and I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you what that was like or the impact of it. As with everybody else, we weren’t ready. Although I’d like to say we mobilised and had 450 people working from home overnight, the truth is we didn’t. We were exactly the same as everybody else and we peddled furiously to try and make that happen whilst also trying to keep the lights on.

In terms of the future, I always project six months ahead which then takes us to the end of the first quarter of 2022 with 2023 looming on the horizon. The PSTN Switch Off is coming in 2025 but things are happening now in terms of stop sells which brings me to the question – are you prepared for it? And, are you prepared to assist your customers with it?

You’d be amazed at the number of customers that don’t understand, recognise, or believe that the PSTN Switch Off is happening. There’s also the myth that this is only going to affect businesses; it isn’t – this will affect everyone sitting on a PSTN line and, come the end of December 2025 when the Switch Off occurs, the dial tone won’t exist.

There’s also the full fibre rollout happening and, can you as a partner, offer full fibre? Can you identify which of your customers are able to take full fibre and how to present the full fibre proposition?

IoT also presents a real opportunity to partners to become those local telco experts and IoT is for any business of any size or scale. Our Daisy Anywhere IoT proposition gives a range of tariff options and SIM allowances, but it is also a fully unsteered multi-network proposition, and it connects to 960 networks across 185 countries.

We’ve got our hosted voice offerings which are DHV Lite and Daisy Hosted Voice to tackle the PSTN Switch Off and we’ve got a full range of fibre products to help both you and your customers identify which solution is best for your business.

We’ve worked in channel for 20 years and it’s all well and good me telling you all about the fantastic work we do but it’s more powerful when partners echo those words.

Let us help you do more, sell more, earn more and become a Daisy Partner today. Contact us on 03330 606 248 or submit an enquiry through our website’s contact form.

-Julien Parven, Director of Daisy Partner Business