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Why Choose To Sell CityFibre To Your Customers?

You’ve no doubt heard of Openreach and Virgin when it comes to connectivity but have you heard of the UK’s third full fibre infrastructure provider, CityFibre?

When it comes to connectivity, CityFibre is disrupting the traditional providers, digging and laying their own network across the UK offering innovative solutions to give both consumers and businesses another choice.

CityFibre is aiming to transform the country’s landscape from one that relies on copper infrastructure to a country which runs on full fibre connectivity.

Investing around £8billion into building its network across the UK, CityFibre ultimately aims to reach eight million premises which makes up approximately 30% of the population.

But what makes CityFibre’s approach different?

Well for a start, it’s a partner-centric business meaning they rely on us as a channel to ensure its products are rolled out to customers. Using resellers like yourselves, CityFibre is a partnership that works in true partnership style and, because they don’t have a sales team themselves, we’ll never come into a situation where we’re competing against them – it’s a non-compete situation.

Julien Parven, Director of Daisy Partner Business said: “77% of CityFibre customers to date are in the 1-50 employee space and that’s where we play as a channel, regardless of what product we’re selling. With CityFibre we have a massive audience to aim for and, as the CityFibre network grows and its footprint expands, as a channel we’ll grow with it.

“I strongly believe connectivity is key to our overall success and, if we win the connectivity battle within the channel, we earn the right to sell all of the over-the-top services which that connectivity serves.

“Within the last 6-8 weeks, our quoting ratio on Ethernet is through the roof so everything we’re doing as a channel is paying dividends. Not only is it beneficial to our customers in terms of the quality of product they’re receiving, but it’s also beneficial to us as partners from a financial and commission perspective.”

What makes CityFibre unique?

CityFibre is unique in terms of its Fibre Flex offering and its ambitions for the whole of the UK. However, when partnered with ourselves as a Daisy Partner Business proposition, the selling points of the product grow even more.

As well as offering a dedicated internet connection and an unlimited download limit, CityFibre and Daisy also offer free DDoS cybersecurity protection, a vital addition in the current climate. Research suggests that cyberattacks increased by a fifth in 2020 making it the ‘busiest on record for cyberattacks on UK businesses’.

In addition, the product is more cost-effective to the end customer and has a shorter installation lead time than other providers in the market.

What is CityFibre Fibre Flex?

Launched in July 2019, Fibre Flex was designed to give partners something different to go to market with. With the other main carriers providing the traditional Ethernet solutions, CityFibre wanted to give something different as an option which is where Fibre Flex comes in. Suiting all businesses within the 1-50 employee base, it suits them from their first day of trading and can see them through their growth plan and progression.

Matthew Dyke, Account Manager at CityFibre said: “Fibre Flex comes with a guaranteed 200Mbps synchronous bandwidth connection. What’s more, for most of the time businesses will also be able to bust up to 1Gbps. That means that, if the businesses usage demands more bandwidth than its guaranteed 200Mbps, the connection will open up and allow them to access up to 1Gbps before dropping back down to 200Mbps.

“That feature doesn’t cost anymore and it doesn’t matter whether they use 200Mbps or burst up to 1Gpbs, the price remains the same throughout the contract. Fibre Flex is ideal for seasonal businesses and businesses that might be busier at certain times of year than others.”

Available throughout the CityFibre on-net network, your customers will get a first-class SLA with their product too. Fibre Flex comes with the same SLAs your customers can expect from a premium Ethernet product and, with 24/7/365 UK-based customer support, it makes Fibre Flex a wise choice for the SMB base.

To find out more about full fibre and check whether your customers are eligible, take a look at our full fibre checker here