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As a telecoms agent, we know that your priority is selling to your customers.
Partnering with Daisy Partner Business takes the back office and admin away from you so you can focus on what you’re good at – closing business.

Why Should Telecoms Agents Partner with Daisy Partner Business

You might be self-employed, a sole trader or have a small team working with you, but whatever your set-up as a telecoms agent, we know it can be hard work juggling all the additional requirements.

Finding customers and identifying their needs is your aim and, by partnering with Daisy Partner Business, you can concentrate on that while we take care of everything else.

Once you’ve found the customers and brought them into your business, we can take care of the customer service, the billing and all the paperwork – leaving you to focus on generating sales and driving revenue.

Partner with Daisy and make running your business easier than ever before.


  • Managed customer service
  • Marketing collateral and support
  • Billed by Daisy Group
  • Unrivalled commissions and flexible propositions
  • Exclusive offers on a wide range of products

We offer our partners the support and means to grow their business as well as enabling them to sell market-leading telecoms products. Plus, we have a great partner proposition with excellent commercials and commission schemes along with marketing and training support.

Get in touch with us and we’ll take you through the process!

We have different ways of how we can work together:

Hit the ground running – we can provide the perfect product portfolio for you to sell to your customers

Showing you the ropes – We can provide the training and development you need

Stick to the day job – You can pass the leads across to us and we’ll do the rest

Daisy Communications is the UK’s #1 independent provider of voice, connectivity, mobile, phone systems and cloud services.

Our partner commissions are one of the best in the UK, contact us to discuss becoming a Partner.

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The steps to becoming a Daisy telecoms agent

You’re thinking of becoming a Partner but would like to know more about how it works. Well here's how it goes...

Register your interest in becoming a Daisy Partner

One of our expert team will give you a call for an initial chat to explain how becoming a Daisy Partner can benefit your business

We'll arrange to meet you, either virtually or in person, so that we can better understand your business and you can ask any questions you might have

You'll be signed up as a Daisy Partner and receive exclusive access to our Daisy Partner Portal

We'll provide you with the support you need, any training you might require and the marketing collateral you want to make our partnership a success
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