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Fast and dedicated solutions to ensure your customers stay connected with the speeds they need.

Why Become an Ethernet Provider?

By becoming an Ethernet provider and partnering with us, you’ll be able to offer a wide range of ethernet solutions which cater for any business, of any size.

Whatever your customers’ requirements, our team of experts will support you in becoming an Ethernet reseller and help you in finding a steadfast connection with dedicated internet access, guaranteed to enhance and upgrade your customers business communications.

From our Cisco Meraki Go offering for small to medium businesses through to a full-fibre, high-speed and dedicated fibre leased line network, you can be sure we can supply the right connection for all your full fibre reseller needs.


  • Symmetrical upload & download speeds
  • Unlimited download limit
  • Free DDoS Security
  • 24/7/365 UK-based support & service
  • Free static IP

Daisy Ethernet Products

Why Daisy for Networking

Ethernet First Mile

Ethernet First Mile (EFM), put simply, is a dedicated internet solution which uses multiple copper wires instead of fibre.

It’s ideal for businesses located in areas where full leased line Ethernet isn’t yet available, or for those who don’t want to fork out for a full-fibre option just yet.

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Ethernet over FTTC

EoFTTC uses the existing copper wires, which have been used to carry fibre broadband to the green street cabinet, to connect to your customer’s business. An uncontended, dedicated Ethernet connection is placed on top of this, giving your customer a high speed, dedicated, hybrid solution without a premium price tag.

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Full Fibre Ethernet

Becoming a full fibre reseller will ensure you can offer unparalleled levels of reliability and security as well as the fastest speeds around. As a full fibre reseller, you’ll get access to our fibre leased line business ethernet, a product for those that need the very best in dedicated internet connectivity.

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Ethernet Point-to-Point

Ethernet Point-to-Point allows your customer to extend their business network across two locations using a secure, fast and reliable data transfer. This point-to-point leased line solution is ideal for any customers which have multiple offices and need to provide access to centralised resources.

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Fibre Flex

Fibre Flex is a shared full-fibre connectivity option. This offers your customers all the benefits of Ethernet without the price tag. Your customers are guaranteed to get 200Mbps with the ability to use up to 1Gb when it’s available.

Currently available in over 27 towns and cities.

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MPLS (Multi-Protocol Label Switching) isn’t a type of connection, it’s a technique used to enhance your customer’s existing network. Essentially, it sorts through and prioritises their data based on the service they already have.

This technique frees up bandwidth whilst linking up your customer workforce, ensuring both resources and network are used and shared effortlessly.

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"We have built up a great partnership with Daisy and have sold multiple products which have assisted us in expanding our Ethernet portfolio of products/services to our customer base and prospective new clients. Thanks for your support."
Alan Riddoch
"Working with Daisy to sell Daisy Hosted Voice has allowed us to provide customers with flexible and scalable business VoIP services at a cost-effective price, making selling easy."
JK Comms Limited
Sandie Bodle
"I have been in the mobile industry now for over 15 years. In that time I have been direct and indirect and for 4 years I was a partner manager. I've always believed that no one can do it like I can do it. Attention to detail delivering on a promise etc. That was till I had the pleasure of meeting Lindsay. She is our Daisy account manager and is as if she is part of my mobile team. I know that when she promises something then she will deliver. An absolute asset to Daisy and I count myself really lucky to have her as our go to lady when it comes to getting the answers I need to deliver clients the mobile service we promise. "
uComms Solutions
Emrah Külünk
Having symmetrical upload and download speeds means the speed they work at is the same.
Upload speed determines how fast you can upload files, send emails etc using your connection whereas download speed refers to the speed you can download files, download software and receive emails using the same connection.
With other types of connectivity, the speed in which you can download is faster than the speed you can use to upload but, having symmetrical speeds means you’ll be able to do both at the same speed.

Download speed is the rate that information is received over your customers broadband line. For example, the time it takes to download software from the internet onto their computer is determined by the download speed available

Yes. We take away the need for upfront capital investment in expensive billing platforms and staff. We manage all the customer touchpoints for you and with our Daisy billing, collection and customer service

Yes, we have a dedicated customer service department for partner customers who are billed through Daisy.

We don’t restrict our partners around connector codes or minimum performance targets, giving you an unlimited revenue stream.

Your customer has access to our online account management platform – Daisy MyAccount – which makes it easy for your customers to manage their account by giving them the information needed, when and how you want it.

You can offer your customers any service from our portfolio.

Your customer needs a fibre connection to their premises.

We offer your customers 24/7 support for any enquiries they may have.

For an Ethernet quote, contact us and we’ll be happy to advise you.

Ethernet leased lines gives your customer a dedicated route to the internet for guaranteed speeds or a rock-solid link between offices or sites.

Meraki WiFi from Cisco is the perfect solution for businesses with less than 50 employees who want to connect their staff, visitors and their customers together.

A dedicated line provides guaranteed speeds and service levels as well as vastly improved fix times if anything was to go wrong. This enables businesses to embrace technology and get the most out of bandwidth-hungry real-time applications.
An Ethernet line will reduce hardware and engineering maintenance costs, and their business will be running over a highly-stable, highly-resilient line. Eliminating contention problems and reducing downtime – from days to as little as four hours – boosts operational efficiencies and will more than cover the cost investment of the dedicated internet service.
The options with Ethernet are endless;  telephony can run over it, move to a cloud-based CRM and operate any number of hosted services, applications and platforms giving their business the boost they need to set themself apart from competitors.
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The steps in becoming a Daisy Partner

You’re thinking of becoming a Partner but would like to know more about how it works. Well here's how it goes...

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