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SoGEA Broadband

Single order Generic Ethernet Access (SoGEA) is a single-order broadband solution that eliminates the need for a traditional phone line, offering cost-effective and efficient service for your customer’s business. Help your customers say goodbye to unnecessary telephone line costs and let them pay only for what their business truly needs without any compromises on price or quality.

What is SoGEA?

SoGEA broadband offers a comprehensive solution for connecting your customer’s business to the internet. SoGEA delivers high-performance and data levels equivalent to Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC). The key advantage is that it eliminates the need for a traditional phone line, providing a cost-effective alternative without unwanted phone line inclusion.

Moreover, with the imminent Openreach PSTN Switch Off and national stop sell, SoGEA broadband becomes an even more compelling option. With speeds of up to 80 Mb/s, SoGEA broadband can seamlessly integrate with a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service. This combination enables your customer to consolidate their phone and broadband services into one connection, allowing for easy transfer of their old phone number and business broadband service to a unified platform. Experience the efficiency and convenience of SoGEA broadband with Daisy Partner Business today.


  • Download bandwidth options of 40 Mb/s or 80 Mb/s and an impressive upload speed of up to 20 Mbps, ensuring efficient data transfer and seamless browsing experiences.
  • Access reliable and prompt customer support from our friendly, UK-based teams.
  • Get a free static IP, enabling stable and secure access to their network and services.
  • Ideal for hosted voice services, empowering businesses with cutting-edge communication.
"They offer all the up to date business broadband solutions, competitively priced, professionally delivered and with good partner financials."
Independent Telephony Solutions
Michael Lurie
"The business broadband service and support we have received from Daisy Comms as a partner is of a very high standard and a testament to their professionalism and staff."
Vezo Networks
Peter Mills
"I have been a Daisy Indirect Partner for over 15 years, that in itself is a “testimonial” for working with Daisy Communications."
Independent Telephony Solutions
Michael Lurie

Why resell SoGEA?

Embracing the reselling of SoGEA becomes a pivotal move for businesses, especially with the national stop sell and 2025 PSTN Switch Off looming ahead. This future-proof connectivity solution seamlessly integrates with VoIP, guaranteeing reliable and top-notch communication capabilities. By adopting SoGEA, businesses can effectively cater to the growing demand for hosted voice services and VoIP, while enjoying cost savings, scalability, and simplified management.

By reselling SoGEA you can empower your customers to proactively stay ahead of the ongoing technological shifts. With early adoption of this modern connectivity solution, businesses can sidestep disruptions and ensure a smooth transition from traditional analogue phone systems to digital alternatives.

This forward-thinking approach not only future proofs their communication infrastructure but also propels them to the forefront of the industry. By capitalising on the opportunities presented by advanced voice and data communication technologies during the height of the Digital Gold Rush, Daisy partners can maximise their growth potential and competitive edge.

Contact us now to become a SoGEA reseller through Daisy Partner Business and seize the opportunity to offer your customers a future-proof connectivity solution.

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