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How Daisy Mobile Can Benefit Your Business and Your Customers

Discover how Daisy Mobile can help your business and help your customers too.

Traditionally, partners stick to selling products to their customers they know inside and out. However, the past year has shown more and more partners exploring other telecoms solutions and expanding their business offering to offer customers even more options.

With more people than ever before working remotely, or from home, there’s a drive for customers to need mobility products and, in turn, there’s a drive for partners wanting to capitalise on that desire.

Lindsay Spink, Mobile Business Development Manager at Daisy Partner Business said: “There’s around 92million mobile connections in the UK and here at Daisy Partner Business we manage a quarter of a million connections. That leaves a huge window of opportunity for our partners, and ourselves, to grow within the mobile space.”

Mobile networks invest approximately £2-3billion on upgrading its network, improving its service and, with the arrival of 5G, the mobile opportunities will only continue to grow.

Lindsay added: “All of our Daisy Mobile SIM cards are 5G ready so when customers look to move across to 5G there’s no additional costs involved. We also offer a wide range of data tariffs so whether a customer wants a small data allowance, or would rather take unlimited, we can work with our partners to ensure there’s a deal tailored for each of their customers.”

Why Choose Daisy Partner Business to sell mobile?

Multiple Commission Models

It doesn’t matter whether you want to work on an upfront commission plan or you’d rather work on a residual commission plan. We’ve got products, tariffs and offerings to suit you and your business.

If you decide you want to start on an upfront commission plan, you can do that and receive that initial cash injection back into your business. Then, later down the line, you can decide you want to switch to a residual commission plan which pays considerably more and you’ll be able to plan for that continual revenue stream every month.

Exit Strategy

If you’ve got retirement plans in your near future or you’re looking at an exit strategy for another reason entirely, we can offer you a competitive exit strategy. If you’ve built your base with us there’s obviously a price on your base and, when the time comes, we can offer you up to 38x the price of your base value, leaving you valued and satisfied as you enter your next chapter.

Daisy Fresh

At Daisy Partner Business, everything is SIM only. As a result, we pay considerable commissions against a SIM only plan. However, should customers want hardware, Daisy Fresh could be for them. Lindsay explains: “Daisy Fresh is our hardware leasing service. It’s for customers that want hardware adding to their plan and the cost of that hardware is then split over a 24-month term on our Daisy Fresh option. If a customer takes Daisy Fresh, they’ll receive the cost of their tariff and their cost of their hardware on their bill so it’s easy for them to differentiate between the two payments.”

On-site Support and In-House Expertise

If a partner has any larger opportunities or a customer which might have international or roaming needs, our Business Development Managers will support you with the deal.

Lindsay said: “I’m the Daisy Mobile Specialist within Daisy Partner Business and I’d be more than happy to help with any opportunity, however for larger customers I can come up with something commercially viable and I can visit on-site to offer support to you and give your customer the confidence they need to choose you, and ultimately, choose Daisy.”

Alongside the on-site support we can offer partners, we also benefit from having a wealth of in-house experience. Our own commercial team can ensure any discount or network approvals are turned around quickly so that your mobile opportunity doesn’t ever go cold.

End-to-end Support

As a partner you’ll get full end-to-end dedicated support which starts from sales through to provisioning where you’ll have a dedicated provisioner assigned to your order who you’ll be able to contact for any queries. That support  continues with the customer service we offer, the marketing materials we provide and the regular updates and information we provide our partners with.

To find out about any of our mobile offerings, head to our mobile page here or contact us using the ‘Get in Touch’ button at the top of the page.