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We know it can be difficult to sift through the wholesale providers on the market. However, we’ve been a telecommunications for more than 20 years, helping, supporting and advising several telecoms dealers and communications agents sell more and earn more.

If you’re looking to become a reseller, we’ve complied a list of common queries including ‘How does being a Daisy Partner work?’ and ‘How do you offer support to my end customer?’ to help you make a decision.

Choosing a telecoms partner doesn’t have to be difficult and hopefully our extensive FAQs can help you decide whether Daisy Partner Business is right for you and your customers.

Hopefully, you’ll find the answers you’ve been looking for but, if not, get in touch online today.

Frequently Asked Questions

?Why become a Daisy telecoms partner? ?What if our contact centre is new to telecoms? ?How do I become a Daisy Partner? ?How does being a Daisy Partner work? ?What are the products I can sell as a telecoms partner? ?Why become a Daisy Partner? ?How do you become a telecoms partner? ?How does being a Daisy telecoms partner work? ?What are the products I can sell as a Daisy Partner? ?What are Daisy’s Partner commissions? ?How to I explain SIP Trunking to a customer? ?Why would my customer need inbound numbers? ?Can I offer my customer any add-ons to their calls package? ?How can I protect my customer from fraud? ?What different types of broadband can I offer my customers? ?How much can I make selling broadband? ?How is broadband speed measured? ?How do I check my customers broadband availability? ?What is meant by symmetrical upload/download speed? ?How do I explain download speed to my customer? ?Do you offer a billing system for my end-users? ?Do you offer support to my end customers? ?How much can I earn as a Daisy Partner? ?Do my customers have access to their account in any way? ?What can I offer my customers? ?What infrastructure needs to be in place for Ethernet products? ?How will you support my customers with Ethernet? ?How much will Ethernet cost my customer? ?Why should my customer pick an Ethernet line? ?What sort of customers would Meraki Go benefit? ?How will a dedicated internet line save my customers money? ?Will my customers be able to set up Daisy Hosted Voice? ?How secure is Daisy Hosted Voice? ?How many extensions does Daisy Hosted Voice hold? ?Can my customer add or remove extensions on the VoIP phone system? ?Can my customer use their existing desktop phone with a VoIP phone system? ?Do my customers need an IP phone system to gain unified communications functionality? ?How can my customers monitor their call spend?

We offer our partners the support and means to grow their business selling market-leading telecoms products with our excellent commercials and commission schemes. Plus, we have experience of working with some of the UK’s largest contact centres to add telecoms solutions to their portfolio.

No matter your level of experience with telecoms, we give you and your agents tailored support that will help you become product experts through specialised training. And, what’s more, you only sell what you’re comfortable selling, allowing you to grow at the pace that’s right for you.

Simply get in touch via the form or call us on 0333 320 4540 with us through our website form and we’ll take you through the process. After you’ve signed up, your Business Development Manager will take you through our onboarding process tailored to contact centres and help you and your agents every step of the way.

We provide the training, development and marketing materials you need to sell your chosen Daisy telecoms partner solutions. Afterwards, we provide the service, delivery, billing and customer support to your customers.

We’re part of Daisy Communications, the UK’s #1 independent provider of business voice, connectivity, mobile, and cloud services. Our top-level vendor relationships enable us to build and deliver exclusive propositions and promotions that give value to your customers.

We offer our Daisy Preferred Partners the support and means to grow their business as well as enabling them to sell market-leading telecoms products. Plus, we have a great partner proposition with excellent commercials and commission schemes along with marketing and training support.

Get in touch with via the form or call us on 0333 320 4540 and we’ll take you through the process!

We have different ways of how we can work together:

Hit the ground running – we can provide the perfect product portfolio for you to sell to your customers

Showing you the ropes – We can provide the training and development you need

Stick to the day job – You can pass the leads across to us and we’ll do the rest

As a Daisy Preferred Partner, you’ll be able to provide business broadband, Ethernet, hosted voice solutions, mobile, smart technologies such as IoT and telematics, and more! Get in touch today to find out more.

Our partner commissions are one of the best in the UK, contact us to discuss becoming a Partner.

SIP Trunking (Session Initiation Protocol) is a flexible, low-cost alternative to ISDN. Using SIP allows your customers to experience the benefits of a hosted solution, without removing their existing legacy telephone equipment.

Inbound Numbers give your customer a non-geographic number, routing their customers to the right place, every time.

With our Select Services, you can offer your customers an enhanced line and calls service with features such as call barring, call divert, call waiting, call minder and more.

Our dedicated, advanced call protect service ensures your customers stay safe and secure from telephone fraud.

With the PSTN Switch Off looming, you can provide your customers with a future-proof broadband solution such as SoGEA or FTTP, depending on availability in their area and their business needs. You can also offer Ethernet if that’s what their business requires.


We have some of the lowest-priced broadband speeds available to our partners. With our commission plan, you have a choice of mark-ups, giving you the power to make your own commercial decisions and providing greater flexibility and immediacy when stacking deals. Get in touch today to discuss the possibilities!

Broadband speed is measured in Megabits per Second (Mbps). Check out our Broadband Eligibility Checker found here to find out speeds in your customers postcodes.

Enter your customer’s postcode into our Broadband Eligibility Checker found here.

Having symmetrical upload and download speeds means the speed they work at is the same.
Upload speed determines how fast you can upload files, send emails etc using your connection whereas download speed refers to the speed you can download files, download software and receive emails using the same connection.
With other types of connectivity, the speed in which you can download is faster than the speed you can use to upload but, having symmetrical speeds means you’ll be able to do both at the same speed.

Download speed is the rate that information is received over your customers broadband line. For example, the time it takes to download software or files from the internet onto their computer is determined by the download speed available.

Yes. We take away the need for upfront capital investment in expensive billing platforms and staff. We manage all the customer touchpoints for you and with our Daisy billing, collection and customer service

Yes, we have a dedicated customer service department for Preferred Partner customers who are billed through Daisy.

We don’t restrict our partners around connector codes or minimum performance targets, giving you an unlimited revenue stream. Get in touch for more information on our commission structure.

Your customer has access to our online account management platform – Daisy MyAccount – which makes it easy for your customers to manage their account by giving them the information needed, when and how they want it.

You can offer your customers any service from our portfolio, including business broadband, Ethernet, hosted voice solutions, mobile, smart technologies such as IoT and telematics, Microsoft, and more. Contact us to find out more.

Your customer will need a fibre connection into their premises, this may need building if it’s not already available. Get in touch to find out more about our Ethernet options.

We offer your customers 24/7 support for any faults they may have, and we have a UK-based, dedicated customer service team if they ever have an issue.

For an Ethernet quote, contact us and we’ll be happy to advise you.

Ethernet leased lines gives your customer a dedicated route to the internet for guaranteed speeds or a rock-solid link between offices or sites.

Meraki WiFi from Cisco is the perfect solution for businesses with less than 50 employees who want to connect their staff, visitors and their customers together.

A dedicated line provides guaranteed speeds and service levels as well as vastly improved fix times if anything was to go wrong. This enables businesses to embrace technology and get the most out of bandwidth-hungry real-time applications.
An Ethernet line will reduce hardware and engineering maintenance costs, and their business will be running over a highly-stable, highly-resilient line. Eliminating contention problems and reducing downtime – from days to as little as four hours – boosts operational efficiencies and will more than cover the cost investment of the dedicated internet service.
The options with Ethernet are endless;  telephony can run over it, move to a cloud-based CRM and operate any number of hosted services, applications and platforms giving their business the boost they need to set themself apart from competitors.

With Daisy Hosted Voice, and engineer will need to install the system to ensure it is all done correctly for the user(s).

Daisy Hosted Voice is hosted in the cloud and the cloud encrypts the apps used to access the system and protects data from hackers. By storing data in the cloud and not a physical system, it is protected against theft or damage.

With Daisy Hosted Voice, you can provide your customers with various solutions to find the right one for their size business, catering to one-man bands, up to 250 users, making it the perfect solution for every business!

With a VoIP system such as Daisy Hosted Voice, it is easy to manage users via the online portal. If changes are required such as adding or removing extensions they can simply do so online. There is no need for engineers help and therefore no extra maintenance fees.

With Daisy Hosted Voice, an upgrade to IP handsets is required, which run over the internet. These are similar to traditional landline phones and we offer top of the range handsets from Polycom and Yealink. With a VoIP phone system such as Daisy Hosted Voice, they are also able to re-route calls to a mobile or PC via the mobile app or online portal.

Not necessarily. Some legacy PBX solutions centralise the voice and UC server platform to enable UC capabilities, including mobility, provided there is desktop internet access. This approach is ideal for organisations migrating or evolving gradually to a full IP-based solution. IP and UC are distinct technologies – just because a phone system is IP-based does not necessarily mean it is UC-enabled.

Using Daisy’s MyAccount portal they can set up alerts on numbers to monitor their spend.

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If you’ve got any further questions about becoming a telecommunications reseller or have queries about how our telecom partnership works, then just contact us today and a member of our team will be more than happy to help.

To speak to one of our UK-based friendly and helpful team, get in touch online today.

"I have just started to work with Daisy in my role as a consultant and a phone systems reseller of their services. I am impressed with their sense of urgency, knowledge, and the support offered. As a Unified Comms provider, this is something that resonates with me as being a very customer-focused business these are qualities vital to us in order to support my clients. It's refreshing to meet people with that "Can Do" attitude - Nice to be working with you."
Cloud Solutions for Business Ltd
Marvin Henson
"I have been in the mobile industry now for over 15 years. In that time I have been direct and indirect and for 4 years I was a partner manager. I've always believed that no one can do it like I can do it. Attention to detail delivering on a promise etc. That was till I had the pleasure of meeting Lindsay. She is our Daisy account manager and is as if she is part of my mobile team. I know that when she promises something then she will deliver. An absolute asset to Daisy and I count myself really lucky to have her as our go to lady when it comes to getting the answers I need to deliver clients the mobile service we promise. "
uComms Solutions
Emrah Külünk
"With the changing world of digital technology, Daisy have always been a step ahead of the game. They truly are the “One Stop” supplier for any telecoms solution required."
Independent Telephony Solutions
Michael Lurie