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Daisy Partner Portal

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By becoming a Daisy Partner, you’ll be given access to our exclusive Daisy Partner Business Portal, giving you total control of your account and putting you firmly in the driving seat.

Manage your account your way

Access your Daisy Partner account and manage it however you want. From your online portal, you’ll be able to pull invoices from a date range you want and view credit notes from that time period too. You’ll also be able to download specific invoice reports from your customers in a format which suits you.

What’s more, you’ll be able to view your self bill invoices and view detailed reports on which accounts have generated revenue and you’ll be able to delve deeper into how you’ve earned your commission. You’ll also be able to view a PDF of your generated revenue and you’ll be able to view remittance advice and download statements. By using our online portal, you’ll gain full control over your account and can manage your account, your way.

In Touch

When you become a Daisy Partner you’ll get access to our InTouch platform. InTouch will be personalised to you and your business and will give you an overview of exactly what is happening across your business.

From InTouch, you’ll be able to look at how many jobs you have underway and how many are ‘open’, how many have been parked and you’ll even be able to check which customers are due for re-sign.

You’ll be able to click into each job and see which employee is owning the job as well as view what stage the job is giving you full viability of your business and putting control in your hands.

Marketing support to help you sell

When you become a Daisy Partner you’ll get access to our Daisy Partner Business Portal with tons of marketing collateral to help you gain valuable leads and opportunities as well as inform and educate your customers about the products and solutions you have on offer.

From our in-depth partner brochure through to our product datasheets we’ve got the informative collateral you’ll need to help your customers understand the products.

We’ve also got infographics, videos, magazines and more to help your marketing stand out from your competition. And that’s not all; if you want to launch your own marketing campaign we’ve got several campaigns ready for you to send and help your business thrive, succeed and grow.

Get in touch with the person you need

Contact whoever you need, whenever you need to from our list of useful contacts. We don’t expect you to experience any issues but, should you do so, our helpful team will be on hand to assist you with any queries, questions and problems. From the Daisy Partner Business Portal, you’ll be able to find the person you need to speak to and get in touch with them at a time that suits you.