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Business Broadband

From SoGEA to Ultrafast FTTP broadband, you can provide your customers with reliable, future-proof solutions to suit their connectivity needs.

Why become a business broadband partner?

We work with various vendors enabling us to provide the right solution for your customers, whilst ensuring you get exclusive propositions and promotions.

Our broadband solutions meet the needs of all business sizes and budgets, allowing you to offer your customers the perfect connectivity for their business. Broadband is key for many businesses, and with the PSTN Switch Off looming, many are needing better, secure, and future-proof connections.

Whether you have a small retail customer looking for an ADSL or FTTC replacement service such as SoGEA, or a larger office-based client needing an ultrafast FTTP connection, you’ll be able to offer your customers cost-effective deals by partnering with Daisy Partner Business.


  • Unlimited data usage
  • UK-based customer support 24/7 365 days a year
  • 12, 24, or 36 month contracts available
  • Free WiFi router and static IP address

Daisy Business Broadband Products

Resell SoGEA Broadband

SoGEA (Single Order Generic Ethernet Access) is a single order broadband solution, offering a perfect replacement for ADSL and FTTC, where FTTP isn’t available. As SoGEA offers a broadband only connection, customers will need to add on a VoIP solution to be able to make calls.

With the PSTN Switch Off upcoming, SoGEA provides a future-proof solution.

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Resell FTTP Broadband

With FTTP (Fibre to the Premises) your customers can benefit from ultrafast fibre broadband. FTTP has the capacity to provide faster speeds, up to 1gb/s, which is ideal to complete tasks seamlessly – whether that’s to upload and download files to your server, attend virtual meetings, or collaborate with team members.

FTTP is only available in full fibre enabled areas. Please check the broadband checker for availability.

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Resell SoGFAST Broadband

SoGFAST is essentially a single order, SoGFAST connection, offering faster, more reliable speeds than FTTC or SoGEA. SoGFAST can offers speeds up to four times faster than SoGEA or FTTC.

SoGFAST is only available to those 500 meters from the exchange, please use the broadband checker to find availability.

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Broadband Eligibility Checker

Not sure what’s available in your customer’s location? Enter their postcode to see which broadband service they can get.

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"With the changing world of digital technology, Daisy have always been a step ahead of the game. They truly are the “One Stop” supplier for any telecoms solution required."
Independent Telephony Solutions
Michael Lurie

With the PSTN Switch Off looming, you can provide your customers with a future-proof broadband solution such as SoGEA or FTTP, depending on availability in their area and their business needs. You can also offer Ethernet if that’s what their business requires.


We have some of the lowest-priced broadband speeds available to our partners. With our commission plan, you have a choice of mark-ups, giving you the power to make your own commercial decisions and providing greater flexibility and immediacy when stacking deals. Get in touch today to discuss the possibilities!

Broadband speed is measured in Megabits per Second (Mbps). Check out our Broadband Eligibility Checker found here to find out speeds in your customers postcodes.

Enter your customer’s postcode into our Broadband Eligibility Checker found here.

Yes. We take away the need for upfront capital investment in expensive billing platforms and staff. We manage all the customer touchpoints for you and with our Daisy billing, collection and customer service

Yes, we have a dedicated customer service department for Preferred Partner customers who are billed through Daisy.

We don’t restrict our partners around connector codes or minimum performance targets, giving you an unlimited revenue stream. Get in touch for more information on our commission structure.

Your customer has access to our online account management platform – Daisy MyAccount – which makes it easy for your customers to manage their account by giving them the information needed, when and how they want it.

You can offer your customers any service from our portfolio, including business broadband, Ethernet, hosted voice solutions, mobile, smart technologies such as IoT and telematics, Microsoft, and more. Contact us to find out more.

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Whatever the size of your business, we’ve got a solution for you and your customers!

Whether you're an agent looking to boost your business and generate revenue or you’re a telecoms dealer looking to offer your customers an exclusive proposition or you’re a call centre looking for support – whatever your situation our expertise and the support we can give you will ensure we’ll form a valuable and successful partnership.

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