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All you need to know about the national stop sell

On 5 September 2023, Openreach will issue a UK-wide stop sell of single and multi-line PSTN and ISDN lines. But what exactly is happening and how might it impact your customers and their businesses? 


What is the stop sell? 

Openreach uses the term stop sell to signify the stopping of the sale of certain products. They differ from product withdrawals in which services are taken out of use. 

 In anticipation of the PSTN Switch Off in 2025, Openreach will soon stop selling any products that use PSTN or ISDN lines. That means no new lines will be installed past that date. Anyone wishing to order a new line will need to look into alternative products. 


What is the PSTN Switch Off? 

The Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) is the historic analogue network that hosts the UK’s landlines and certain types of broadband services. As technology has evolved, the PSTN has become redundant as well as increasingly costly to maintain. The network is set to close towards the end of 2025 to make way for next generation technology. 


When will the stop sell take place? 

The UK-wide stop sell is set for 5 September 2023. However, some areas are scheduled for earlier stop sells with many having already taken place. In preparation of the changes, replacement products have been made available in these areas. 

Daisy Communications is implementing a stop sell from July 2023 to protect and prepare customers well ahead of the September date. 


Can customers still use services that utilise the PSTN after their area goes into stop sell? 

Yes. As stop sells differ from withdrawals, customers who already have the affected Openreach products will be able to continue using them. Consumer rights during this period will still be upheld so line transfers will be accepted providing there is no change to the installation when the line moves from one provider to another. 


What will the replacement products be? 

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) solutions will replace traditional phone systems. With Daisy, you can offer your customers Daisy Hosted Voice and DHV Lite. For alternate data services, full fibre solutions and single order variants such as SOGEA and SOTAP will replace FTTC and ADSL connections. 


When should I be talking to customers about this? 

As soon as possible. The deadline to migrate may be 2025, and you’ll want to have your customers upgraded by then, but you can help them make the most of future-proof technology now. The stop sell is a great time to open conversations, inform customers of their options and explain the process of switching to higher quality, more reliable services. 


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