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How telematics is driving positive transformation for UK businesses

As the mobile landscape has evolved, telematics has broadened its scope, moving beyond traditional mobile communications to bolster the growth of the haulage and transport industries. Telematics addresses critical business issues, including the urgency to reduce our collective carbon footprint – a mandate emphasised by government initiatives to achieve carbon neutrality. This aligns seamlessly with its capacity to empower fleet operators to monitor driver behaviours and driving patterns. But just what more can telematics offer to UK businesses as it extends its reach? 

In the current climate marked by increasing ESG demands and a desire for practicality, business owners are undoubtedly grappling with questions such as, “How can we improve efficiency? How do we increase productivity? How do we reduce cost overhead?” Here, telematics offers a helping hand. A golden solution that enables you to actively oversee an entire fleet, by the convenience of live data at your fingertips.  

According to data gathered by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT), there were 40,506,971 vehicles in the UK, whereby 13.5% consisted of commercial vehicles (equivalent to around 5.5 million). With the vast footprint of fleet-managed vehicles on UK roads at any given time, the risk of exposure is not only to your drivers, but others on the road too, including pedestrians and cyclists. Additionally, the overall environmental impact of these vehicles is considerable. This is where a telematics solution can provide invaluable details, such as how often a driver takes breaks, the driving speeds reached, abrupt breaking, vehicle idling, and plenty more to help you pinpoint solutions and reduce overall liability. 

Considering the duty of care aspect, ensuring the roadworthiness, maintenance, and safety of these vehicles is paramount for the wellbeing of both employees and the public. The insights gathered by a telematics solution can be broken down to identify irresponsible driving habits as well as necessary upkeep for the vehicles. Not only is this a beneficial feature for business owners in the long run, but it is also a tool which encourages awareness and education for the vehicle drivers themselves. Adding to its value, this knowledge can also be shared and circulated during key business meetings to help meet annual targets.  


Why Daisy Partner Business for telematics? 

Telematics stands as a crucial tool for Daisy Partners, initiating discussions with end customers and fleet operators concerning productivity and efficiency. The impending sunset of 2G and 3G networks presents a choice: embrace future-proof solutions or risk losing control. As a Daisy Partner, spotting opportunities within your customer base is simplified by understanding key drivers for fleet management, be it ESG alignment, safety concerns, or fuel and cost savings. You don’t need to be a telematics expert—just ask a few crucial questions, utilise the Daisy-provided lead template, and let our partnership with Webfleet transform inquiries into lucrative revenue streams. That way, you can focus on your customers, while we take care of business. Get in touch to learn more.