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Channel Update – April 2021

I’m Julien Parven, Director of Daisy Partner Business. This is the first of many blog updates I’ll be posting about the channel, the changes and challenges we’re facing as an industry and any important updates we have here at Daisy Partner Business.

Reflecting back on the last twelve months and the rollercoaster in which the global pandemic has sent us all on, it’s been a huge learning curve.

However, throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve been passionate about keeping Britain working and ensuring that we had the right tools, support and assets in place to help support our partners. By having those resources and the capabilities at hand, we’ve managed to not only help our partners survive but thrive during the difficulties of the past year and, as we emerge, our partners are now in a position where they’re leading the changes and driving forward towards building a better Britain.

When discussing how the country and the economy will bounce back and build once more, I strongly believe telecoms partners and the channel as a collective has a huge part to play in building that better Britain. There’s changes happening now with the hybrid working model being preferred in most offices. Combine that with the continuation of the full-fibre roll out and the upcoming PSTN switch off and it’s a melting pot for a huge amount of change. Whenever there’s changes within UK business, channel always has a huge part to play because of its diversity, agility and ability to adapt.

There are always, and will always, be people who say that channel is dying. However, in my experience I believe channel is the very best place to be when things within industry and business change because channel has an uncanny knack of adopting and absorbing new technology. I’ve also found in my years of working within channel that it has a unique way of discovering a niche in the marketplace which larger telco’s, the big providers and large companies simply cannot fulfil. Hence my excitement for the year ahead.

Taking into account the last twelve months, we’ve onboarded more partners to join Daisy Partner Business than we ever have before and I think for channel the next year is a real opportunity for growth. As the world emerges from the pandemic and the country begins to find its feet, businesses will evaluate their telecoms and their communications strategies. That’s where channel comes in and there’s a real chance there for those partners to become trusted advisors. Trusted advisors in the sense that they can be those people and those experts businesses need to rely on for advice, support and, ultimately, to evolve their telecommunications so that they can continue on that digital transformation journey.

As we all look to bounce back and work on building a better Britain I think the channel will be fundamental to Britain’s resurgence. The high street may look radically different to what it looked like before and UK businesses, however big or small, will be looking at a new way of working, a hybrid lifestyle and one where telecoms will be central to it. From a channel perspective, who better to serve the needs to those local high streets, local businesses and local people than a local telecoms provider?

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