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Daisy Comms: The number one telecoms company to work for

The telecoms company also ranked number 30 in the best large companies to work for in the UK.

Daisy Communications has been named the number one telecoms company to work for in the Best Companies league tables. In addition, it has achieved the number 30 spot on the list of best large companies to work for across the UK. The rankings have been determined by an impartial survey of Daisy employees, demonstrating the great engagement at the company.

The Best Companies to Work For Lists are widely recognised as the standard in workplace engagement, measuring, improving and recognising great employee/business engagement across some of the top companies in the world. Daisy Communications recognises that the success of a business depends on its people and embracing what is unique about individuals, drawing on their different perspectives and experiences to add value to the business. You can definitely see the benefits of this approach in these recent rankings, with Daisy Communications leading the telecoms sector as the most desirable place to work. 

“In 2019 we created our employee engagement team, which is a group of employees from across the business who work to make Daisy Communications an even better place to work,” said Dave McGinn, CEO of Daisy Communications. “And it’s clear that our employ-centric approach is generating great results. Not only have we been able to exponentially grow the business since 2019, the latest Best Companies survey of our staff proves we’ve created a great environment for individuals to succeed.  

“We’re always listening to our employees and are actively improving life at Daisy Communications to ensure every single one of our employees feels valued and appreciated. And you can clearly see that we put our money where our mouth is with these results. For example, the survey found that at least 78% of the staff working at Daisy agreeing that they have good work/home life balance. 

“We want our people to be the best versions of themselves, we strive to contribute to that goal during their time working with us. We’re keen to ensure there are development opportunities for all as well as being committed to seeing our people continuously grow. We know we’re a company of outstanding people, but to see that official recognised with our two-star Outstanding Company to Work For ranking from Best Companies is awesome.” 

As an independent provider, Daisy works with all major telecommunications networks and suppliers to always provide the best deal in the market for its customers. Ranking number one on the list of best company to work for in the telecoms sector clearly demonstrates the company’s commitment to excellence for both its customers and staff on the national stage. 

The results also reflect the company’s ethos of supporting its customers with national level power at a local level. In the regional rankings, Daisy Communications positioned in the top-ranking companies to work for in London (13), the North East (8), the North West (19) and the West Midlands (6). Having engaged staff across the country ensures excellent service for Daisy customers so you can rest assured your customers are in good hands.

Read more about the Best Companies listings here. 

Daisy Communication’s Best Companies rankings 

  • Daisy Communications is in the top 10 for two key UK regions: 
    • The West Midlands’ #6 Best Large Company to Work For. 
    • The North East’s #8 Best Large Company to Work For. 
    • London’s #13 Best Large Company to Work For. 
    • The North West’s #19 Best Large Company to Work For. 
  • Daisy Communications is the #1 Telecoms Company to Work For. 
  • Daisy Communications is the #30 Best Large Company to Work For.