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Daisy Anywhere keeps Dropit Shopping connected

The success of many businesses today depends on a consistent, reliable connection for mobile devices. That’s not always easy to achieve, especially in challenging environments. Something Dropit Shopping was all too aware of.

The problem

Dropit Shopping is a company that works in retail technology, providing different levels of fulfilment services to its brand and shopping centre partners. One of its key products is its handsfree shopping service. This is a service that allows customers to head to a shopping centre or store, leave their bags there and then have them delivered home. All of this is managed via mobile devices in each store.

“We have around 800 mobile devices in shopping centres around the UK and Europe,” said Kurtis Lipman, Global Head of Accounts at Dropit Shopping. “These devices are smartphones locked to our Dropit app, where someone in a store using our service can enter details for customers to have their bags delivered to their home. To work effectively, they are reliant on a consistent connection.

“It’s always has been a challenge to get reliable connection in shopping centres, as they’re mostly built with steel roofs and there’s so much other technology going on at the point of sale. To get connection, we would have to manually go from store to store with different network devices and record on paper which SIM card worked best in each shop.”

This not only created extra work for the Dropit team, it also created issues with uptake. The company was finding that if a store did not get signal on the first attempt or two with a customer, they would stop using the service.

The solution

Daisy Anywhere SIM cards held the answer to the problem. Daisy Anywhere is an unsteered, multi network mobile SIM that connects to the strongest network available – wherever you are. Rather than relying on a single network, Daisy Anywhere SIMs connect to whichever network is strongest, offering a reliable data connection. Covering 650 networks across 180 countries, it was the ideal solution for Dropit Shopping.

“The Daisy Anywhere SIM cards have been the ideal solution to our connectivity issues,” said Kurtis. “We’ve now got a reliable, steady flow of data to all of our devices whenever they are needed. I’ve done over 25 site launches for our Dropit Shopping service, and the challenges we’ve always faced around keeping our devices connected have just been solved with this simple solution.

“We’ve been using Daisy Anywhere for around a year now. It was an incredibly straightforward process to implement, and it’s been working perfectly for us. By solving the connectivity issue, we’ve seen increased usage and uptake in shopping centres and stores using our Dropit Shopping service thanks to the increased confidence that our devices will work.”

Our Daisy Partner

Daisy Partner Business is part of Daisy Communications, the UK’s largest independent telecoms provider, and has 21 years of experience helping partners succeed and grow. It’s thanks to supporting its partners with the latest product innovations that Dropit Shopping was able to benefit from the Daisy Anywhere solution.

Complete ICT has been a partner for over 12 years and have been able to bring innovative technology like Daisy Anywhere to its customers to keep them connected.

“We’re a small to medium sized telecoms broker,” said Nick Holland, Managing Director, Complete ICT. “As an independent provider, it’s important to us that we can resell the best solutions to our customers, and Daisy Communications is probably one of our biggest providers, with one of the best solutions on the market at the moment being the Daisy Anywhere product.

“It’s our ethos really to provide the best of solutions with the best service. The best thing that Daisy provides for us is its dedication to doing the research in terms of what solutions are around the corner and helping us bring them to our clients. We’re always a big advocate of being flexible for our clients, with things like 30-day rolling terms for our clients, and Daisy Partner Business has been great in supporting us in being able to offer this to our customers, like Dropit Shopping.”

With so many moving parts to businesses like Complete ICT, it’s important to have responsive and adaptable suppliers, like Daisy Partner Business, to deliver excellent service to customers.

“Not only is the product excellent,” said Kurtis at Dropit Shopping, “But the way that we’ve been looked after as a company has also been excellent, with support from Nick and other Complete ICT team members like Chris our account manager. With the backing of big organisations like Daisy behind their excellent service, I have no qualms about highly recommending them to anybody with looking for telecom services.”

Speaking about his experience as a Daisy Partner, Nick said, “Dropit Shopping was one of the first customers we delivered the Daisy Anywhere solution to after it was introduced by Daisy Partner Business. It’s great to be supported not only with the latest technology from great Daisy suppliers like Pangea, but to have the support and education from the team at Daisy Partner Business to do it successfully.
“The team are always just a phone call away to explain the latest technology and give us the tools to sell it. We couldn’t do it without that knowledge and backing, especially with the added support of being flexible commercially too so we can meet the needs of our customer base.”