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Daisy Anywhere at Partner Business Live

At our Partner Business Live conference, our vendor partners showcased their market-leading solutions. In its breakout session, Pangea gave partners a detailed look at Daisy Anywhere, the growing IoT opportunity, and how the solution can serve customers now.

2020 was a huge year for mobile data. Usage in the UK increased by 28% over the year, totalling a huge 1,281 petabytes (1 petabyte is equivalent to 1,000 terabytes or 1 million gigabytes!). This led to mobile data services making up the largest segment of the telecoms market. It’s not surprising given that no business is a single site anymore and each has mobile devices that need connecting.

This is where Daisy Anywhere comes in. The solution is a multi-network SIM that can connect to 960 networks across 185 countries. It’s also unsteered, meaning it will connect to the strongest network available unlike steered SIMs which generally prioritise one network. Its connectivity is faster than standard cellular data and it’s available on flexible tariffs, letting your customers decide how much data they need and for how long. Plus, all data is aggregated so it can be shared between each of the SIM cards on one account. The data can also be monitored through a management portal, making it easy to keep control of spending.

The IoT market presents many opportunities that aren’t just limited to high tech. In fact, there may be opportunities across your customer base now. Whether it’s machine monitoring, logistics tracking, card payment machine connections or something else entirely, Daisy Anywhere can be used for a whole host of everyday applications.

The technology behind Daisy Anywhere has already been adopted by some of the largest companies in the world where it provides a range of solutions and streamlining business processes. Among them is Pizza Hut which uses Daisy Anywhere as backup to ensure their card payment machines, stock management processes and till systems will stay online in the event of mainline outages. Addison Lee manages its data connectivity across 16,000 SIMs on a range of flexible tariffs. These are used across various devices including driver PDAs, vehicle telemetry units and passenger WiFi devices. For more case study examples, you can read about them in our blog post here.

Daisy Anywhere Protect provides an extra layer of security on the solution with intelligent filtering and blocklists at the network level. The AI works constantly to filter harmful URLs, keeping devices, networks, and data safe to ensure they fit compliance criteria. The product can also be used to keep users safe. When schools closed over the COVID-19 lockdowns, they needed to keep homebound students connected to their studies while protecting them from web-based threats. With a combination of 4G routers, Daisy Anywhere’s unsteered Multi-network SIMs, and mobile content filters, over 55,000 students were connected and protected from harmful content and malware.

If you’d like to find out more about Daisy Anywhere and where it may fit in with your customers’ businesses, take a look at the product page or speak to us today at 03301 738 014.